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CGARDEN® is a revolutionary vegetable garden solution.
Demonstration Video - What is CGARDEN®?

What is CGARDEN®?

CGARDEN is a sustainability tool that creates the conditions to bring nature into the city.


It is a 4-in-1 self-contained growing system that contains:

- Planting and growing boxes;
- Organic waste composter;
- Rainwater storage;
- Automatic solar-powered irrigation (drip irrigation).


CGARDEN Sustainability Tool

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Made to ensure that growing plants is effortless, with minimum maintenance and without risk or complications. It is a simple and objective way of combating climate change.

Patented, developed and manufactured in Portugal, CGARDEN is a revolutionary piece of equipment that will change the way we view buildings and cities.

Much more than a vegetable garden!

CGARDEN is the ideal solution for those who want to have a green balcony, terrace or green garden, with plants for consumption or ornamental purposes.
It is a convenient and standalone solution that takes care of the plants, watering and fertilizing them as needed, thanks to its water storage, composting and solar irrigation system.

It has an expected durability of over 30 years, which is one of the main conditions for sustainability.

How does it work?

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For a better world!

The CGARDEN family already cares about the environment and their food intake! See this animation to find out more.



Advantages of CGARDEN®

It reduces energy consumption by eliminating all consumption related to the production, packaging, transport and refrigeration of food, contributing decisively to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It considerably reduces waste production because it disposes of packaging and allows the use of organic waste for the production of biological fertilisers, which would otherwise have to be sent for treatment. It improves the air quality, contributing to the purification of the atmosphere of the areas where it is integrated. It reduces water consumption because it collects and stores rainwater, which also positively impacts the need to channel rainwater.

In addition to being recyclable, it is highly durable; i.e., it is not a disposable product that starts by being beautiful and exciting, but ends up in the trash shortly afterwards. CGARDEN® is a friend for life, who will be with you in good times and bad, which in our opinion, is the first and most important condition for sustainability.

It keeps us informed about what we are eating and ensures that, in the event of a food shortage, for whatever reason, we will always be able to meet part of our food needs with complete autonomy.

Physical health - Allows the cultivation of a large quantity and variety of organic, natural and healthy foods, without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. It ensures diversity in the diet and the possibility of harvesting directly to your table, i.e., extremely fresh, with the highest nutritional value.

Emotional health - Provides an extremely healthy therapeutic activity of relaxation and relief, connecting us to the cycles of nature, which allows us to disconnect from the rush and virtualised world in which we live.

It is a very durable piece of equipment that has a very high productive potential and allows generating continuous dividends in the form of fresh and healthy food products, which, regardless of the state of the economy, are always priceless.

It is an ergonomic garden. The plants are placed at a specific height from the ground, which allow for all the tasks related to their cultivation to be performed in an extremely convenient position, even for people with limited mobility. It is a "clean" garden where there is no need to get dirty in order to take care of the plants and which does not generate waste, because even by-products, such as weeds, are placed in integrated composting. This garden is right at hand, which eliminates the need to visit the supermarket, allowing, for example, to pick a delicious lettuce for dinner when you are already wearing slippers and pyjamas. It is an autonomous garden that takes care of the plants for us, allowing us to be absent for personal or professional reasons, while watering and fertilising them according to their needs, using solar energy, stored water and a composting kit.

It provides us with quality time with the younger generation. Whether it is planting, caring or harvesting the plants, it allows them to convey knowledge and experiences about nature. It helps us teach them that nothing can be achieved without a little dedication and patience, and that the moments of greatest happiness cannot be bought, they must be cultivated. It promotes healthy lifestyles by encouraging outdoor activities and a more balanced diet. It is easier to motivate them to eat vegetables when they become responsible for planting and caring for them.

In addition to being extremely functional and practical, it is a decorative element that improves the elegance of the space in which it is installed, due to its aesthetic care, the high-quality materials and the beauty that both nature and plants add to any space.

CGARDEN® is a way of life, a statement. It means that you consciously assume that our planet needs help and that we, as a society, need to change, that we need to play our role to guarantee a future for the next generations. Having a CGARDEN® is to become aware of this reality, to become part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

Choose the right CGARDEN for you!


We have a range of models to suit your needs!


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What can I grow?

CGARDEN® urban gardens, depending on the version, consist of 1, 2, 3, 5 or 11 planting boxes with a depth of 32 cm and 2 plantig boxes with a depth of 12 cm.

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