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CITY Model


A CGARDEN City is equipment that integrates cultivation, rainwater storage, composting and solar energy irrigation, adapting perfectly to small spaces and enhancing them from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

With a length of 132 centimeters and a width of 51, it has a planting capacity of 90 liters, a rainwater storage capacity of 160, and a composting capacity of 45.

It is the ideal solution for a vegetable garden on the balcony or small terrace.

Available Colours

RW - Redwood

CH - Chocolate

NE - Negro

Installation videos

CGARDEN CITY with Irrigation Kit

Technical Specifications

Width: 51,2 cm
Width with tap: 67,2 cm
Length: 132,5 cm
Height: 91 cm
Empty weight: 80,5 Kg

Planting capacity: 90 L (1x68 L + 2x11 L)
Water storage capacity: 160 L (2x80 L)
Composting capacity: 45 L (2x22,5 L)
Planting area: 0,41 m2

CGARDEN City - Technical Datasheet


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