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About us

IHT is a company with 100% Portuguese capital, dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative solutions for construction.


Guided by sound environmental values, it seeks to ensure the sustainability of natural resources through the development of materials and high-performance efficient solutions, without compromising the quality of human life.

Using the most advanced technologies and methodologies of research, development and production, it excels in offering simple, innovative and durable solutions with a cutting-edge design.

What we do

We develop and manufacture quality products for housing, such as systems of PVC profiles for frames, composite for floors and composite systems for facades and other coatings.

Our Research, Development and Innovation team is dedicated to researching, designing and developing solutions that better meet the needs of our customers, keeping in mind four guiding principles:

  • High performance and durability
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Safety, Comfort and Convenience for the user
  • Good Quality/Price Ratio

Where we are

Being based in Soure, 30 km from Coimbra, we have a prime location in the central coast of Portugal, which allows us to quickly and effectively send out orders to our customers, anywhere in the country or the world.

Our commitment to our customers

Our commitment to our customers is based on three pillars that guide our policy: the product (to design and manufacture quality products that meet the needs and expectations of our customers), the Service (to serve our customer as quickly and effectively as possible) and the best quality/price ratio. Thus, we aim to be known for our competitiveness, reliability of our products and efficiency of the services we provide to our customers.

Vision, Mission & Policy

To be a company of excellence in the field of solutions for construction, recognized by society for always being on the side of the solution and for contributing to a better world.

Accelerate the restoration of harmony between the human species and nature through the design, production and commercialization of innovative construction solutions.

...cultivating a team spirit based on motivation, respect and training, which ensures the happiness of its employees and commits them to the goal of creating a better world…

...ensuring the sustainability of natural resources and promoting environmental awareness, while ensuring products that are consistent with quality of life...

...pursuing a daily struggle against all types of waste...

...guaranteeing customers the best quality-price ratio and overcoming their expectations in terms of service...

Ethics, honesty and seriousness.

Competence and compliance with commitments.

Simplicity, humility and creativity - "What is simple is genius."

Tenacity and resilience - "We can’t control the wind but we can adjust the sails".

Dynamism and adaptability.

- The customer is the reason for our existence.
- Get it right the first time round.
- Continuously improve the organization's performance.
- Comply with legislation and other applicable legal requirements.
- Prevent pollution, by ensuring control and monitoring of environmental aspects.
- Prevent injuries and health risks, ensuring control of occupational hazards.

Quality and Safety

Being aware that quality and safety are critical factors in the field of the materials that we manufacture, all our products are designed, manufactured and tested in strict accordance with all regulations applicable to them, responding to the requirements of each country for which they are intended.

Featuring advanced testing equipment and ensuring a constant supervision over the entire production process, we can guarantee the quality of our products from conception to use.
In addition to the rigorous internal Quality Control, our products and production processes are systematically subjected to audits by independent entities accredited for this purpose.


All the environmental processes are systematically identified, controlled and monitored so as to ensure continuous improvement of the environmental performance of IHT.

In order to promote environmental issues within the community, we encourage our employees, suppliers and customers to implement the daily practices of the company in their everyday lives.

Send us all your questions relating to the environment, whether or not related to the company, using the email address: