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PURA Model


It gives a natural charm to your outdoor space and allows you to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants.

With a length of 255 centimeters and a width of 51, it has a planting capacity of 226 liters, a rainwater recovery tank with 320 liters and a composting module with 45 liters.

Available Colours

RW - Redwood

CH - Chocolate

NE - Negro

Technical Specifications

Width: 51,2 cm

Width with tap: 67,2 cm

Length: 255 cm

Height: 91 cm

Empty weight: 123 Kg

Planting capacity: 226 L (3x68 L + 2x11 L)

Water storage capacity: 320 L (4x80 L)

Composting capacity: 45 L (2x22,5 L)

Planting area: 0,83 m2

CGARDEN Pura - Technical Datasheet


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